Located in Ventura Harbor, CMB maintains a research-grade facility dedicated to life science teaching and learning

Supporting research-based bioscience education

Our ~2000 square foot facility contains an on-site faculty office, a central conference and multimedia area, and a number of specialized labs and work spaces

Molecular Biology Lab

Transgenics Lab

Cell Culture & Histology Lab

Imaging Lab

Closed-System Marine Wet Lab

Support for External Research

Our facility is available on a limited basis to support external bioscience research. Given its harbor location and close proximity to the Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary, the CMB facility is well-suited for marine-centered studies conducted by visiting researchers and students. Since 2006, the CMB lab has been used to track bacteriological pollution sources that impact our harbor beaches, conduct a baseline marine biotoxin monitoring program for an emerging offshore shellfish aquaculture project, complete a DNA-based inventory of kelp forest indicator species, perform larval fish identifications, carry-out ecomorphologic studies of rockfishes, and explore the role of nanotubule structure on the mechanical properties of squid sucker rings.

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